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Today, I’d like all you beginners to grab a cup of java with me, Nike Free Run Australia

come to my kitchen table and discuss something absolutely critical to your success as an internet marketer and that is: Your Dreams Vs. Your Actions.

It is so deceptively simple and seemingly unimportant to us all as we begin our journey down that golden road of easy internet riches. Experience has taught me that the simplest advice is usually the most effective and I think NIKE had it right when they declared “Just Do It”. Why is it so hard for us to grasp this?

Let’s break it down a little and it will be easier to understand, but more importantly, you will be able to use what I share with you at the very second you finish reading this article.
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Call me crazy but The Golden Rule Still Rules and sharing with others is one of the keys to abundance in your life.

OK, in The Internet Marketing Beginner’s Bible Chapter 1 you will read about the 2 key functions of starting your own home business… Dreams and Actions . The reason you started this whole thing is because you had a dream right? Mine was to be able to take a limo to my wife’s workplace, walk in with a bottle of champagne and two glasses and announce “Your Job Is Now History”. “We’re going out to celebrate and you’re never coming back!”

The first key function is Dreams. What is your dream? It may be a new car, vacations whenever you want, no commuting, sending your kid to the best college, or all the time in the world to Nike Free Run Australia

spend with your family on your schedule. Whatever it is, it’s essential to getting your whole business underway. It’s the seed, the fuel, the motivator etc. You must have that dream to start.

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