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You can find many articles on the Internet on the advantages of shopping online. Most of them carry very useful but also very general information. In some societies such as Nike Free RunNigeria, having access to Internet is still relatively new and having the ability to actually shop online is even newer.

Here are 10 reasons for people living in regions similar to Nigeria to shop online.

1. Lower prices and Guarantee on products purchase
Consider the savings. For example Elizabeth Arden, Sunflower perfume can be sold for anything between N8000 to N12000 in department stores in Nigeria. But if you buy through a reputable

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Internet company it could cost you just N5000 for 100ml, including delivery

2. 24/7 access
Fortunately the Internet is not restricted to opening or closing times. It is available to you at a time that is convenient for you. Being able to access the best brands, latest technology, or bestselling book 24/7 is certainly a good reason to shop online.

3. Selection
Gone are the days when you are restricted to a few reputable department stores that may stock a limited selection. The fun of shopping is having access to a wide selection at your fingertips and shopping online provides an opportunity to choose from thousands of products.

4. Saves time
Nigeria is notorious for traffic congestion. It could take you a whole day to visit just one department store in search for a pair of Nike sneakers. Shopping online saves time and the stress of sitting in traffic for the whole day.

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